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Paper Cup Machine


Paper cup machine is a kind of multi-station automatic molding machinery. It runs a series of successive procedures, such as automatic paper feeding, sealing, hemming, rounding, and so on. This paper cup forming machine possesses photoelectric detection, fault alarm and counting functions. Mingbo paper cup making machinery has gained CE certification and has become an ideal device for producing beverage cups, tea cups, coffee cups, advertising paper cups, market paper cups, ice cream paper cups or other disposable cone type food paper containers.

Features of Paper Cup Machine

1. Paper cup forming machine is characterized by firm structure, ideal design, stable performance and long life span.
2. Paper cups made by our cup making machinery are safe, healthy, lightweight and convenient. They are ideal for public places, such as hotels, restaurants, and so on.

Subclass Products

Automatic paper cup machine mainly includes single or double PE coated paper cup forming machine, ultrasonic double side PE paper cup making machinery, PLC controlled high speed paper cup production line and cup top flatten machine.
Ruian Mingbo Machinery Co., Ltd. is one of the leading automatic paper cup machine manufacturers in China. In addition to high speed paper cup forming machine or paper cup making machinery, our company also offers paper bowl machine, paper bucket forming machine, paper plate machine, die cutting machine, cup lid machine, flexo printing machine, etc. Our paper cup machines have been exported to Jordan, Algeria, Qatar, India, Indonesia, Taiwan, Libya, Russia, and so on.